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Embracing my early childhood

08.28.14 @ 09:323

I was slightly disappointed in you. You were invited to a two week trip with my dad and I to meet my family and you haven’t once showed a thanks or gratitude. Didn’t even bother to help when pulling up to every gas station to pump gas, clean windows, get food, etc. and then every meal we ate you didn’t even bother to at least offer to pay. This wasn’t meant to be a free trip for you, it was meant for you to meet my family, and instead humiliated me. I talked so highly of you that instead you became the opposite of who I thought you were.

I guess you really learn a lot about a person when you’re stuck in a car with them for two weeks.

Hair, legs, and shirt.

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Favorite movie of all time!

08.01.14 @ 08:382

I asked my sister how to tell someone I’m not interested and she does this..

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Snuggle bunny

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